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7 things about us

  • 1 — Penguin is a boutique creative design studio, based in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • 2 — Our work can be seen in more than 130 countries and in outlets like Nike, CNN, Wired Magazine, NBC, AOL and Whole Foods.
  • 3 — In a short amount of time we have built a strong reputation for producing inspired, meaningful designs that are both engaging and relevant.
  • 4 — We work on creative projects and brand campaigns that include identity and branding, print, editorial and web design.
  • 5 — We have a deep understanding of culture and creativity that ranges from design, fashion and technology to architecture, photography and music.
  • 6 — We create work that connects with people and delivers the results our clients have come to expect, all while having fun in the process.
  • 7 — We love to work with diverse clients that challenge and inspire us, whether they are a restaurant, a bank, world-renowned individual, a non-proft organization or a Fortune 500 company.

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