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Why We’re Different

Brands are a bit like individuals. They demand our attention. They communicate feelings and emotions. They compete with each other. There are brands that are leaders in their fields and brands that are on life support and in need of a recharge.

What makes Penguin different is our deep understanding of brands. Just as every brand is unique, every project we work on requires a highly-tailored sensibility. Penguin can help

  • 1 — Develop a brand from scratch
  • 2 — Reposition a brand
  • 3 — Help to communicate an established brand
  • 4 — Rebrand and revitalize a brand or
  • 5 — Translate a brand to the web

We partner with brands to unveil what sets them apart and make a powerful connection with their audience.

Every pixel we craft, every line we code, and every letter we typeset is customized specifically to the needs and goals of our clients, ensuring that our work is always unique and value-adding to our clients.

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